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In the Vineyard

«Our family live and work in close contact with the vines. We have therefore chosen to pursue a sustainable way of farming in which humans, vines and the environment can live in close harmony, protecting the natural resources at our disposal, a heritage to bequeath, as intact as possible, to future generations»

Luigino Grimaldi

Concerted battle

Grimaldi handles winemaking in line with the dictates of a concerted battle, aiming to reduce the number of treatments and to protect the environment. We prefer to use natural products such as carefully selected fertilisers from aged manure. The soil in the vineyards is protected thanks to the natural growth of grasses and the use of a mechanical mower between the rows, operations which render unnecessary the use of herbicides and which combat hydro-geological erosion. To reduce the use of pesticides, we have chosen to use pheromones, a natural method that uses sexual confusion to combat the proliferation of insects that might harm the vines. All the operations on the vines – pruning, thinning, stripping and topping – are done manually and at the right time, adapting ourselves to the needs of each vineyard, according to the characteristics of each season. Good work on the vines drastically reduces the use of pesticides and emergency treatments.

The taste of the terroir

The objective of the Grimaldi winery is to support the vine in such a way that the grapes ripen perfectly. Harvesting is done completely manually, scheduled according to the ripening of each vine and each plot, so that the fruit taken to the winery is fresh and fragrant, capable of transferring to the wine glass the characteristics of the vine of the terroir.